Intensives & Therapeutic Retreats

Intensive therapy is therapy provided through multiple or extended sessions over the course of 1 to 3 days. It is a powerful option for individuals and couples who a) are able to block off a day or more to devote to the process of growth and healing, b) struggle to find time to schedule weekly counseling sessions, or c) just want to get away to give a relationship or a problem the attention it deserves. Intensive therapy can be provided locally at the clinic or as a weekend retreat at a secluded destination.

Intensive therapy can be a powerfully effective way to address:

  • Relationship Repair or Growth
  • Targeted/Specific Trauma
  • Affair Recovery
  • Complex or Persistent Personal Crisis

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Specialties: Couples, Communication, Distrust, Affair Recovery

Bonnie Phillips

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Specialties: Trauma, Mind-Body Work, Sex Addiction, Anxiety, Depression

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Specialties: EMDR Intensives, Family Therapy Intensives