Allan Stanford offers private therapeutic retreats for couples addressing:

  • Relationship Repair and Growth
  • Affair Recovery
  • Major Communication Barriers

If you’re reading this page you already know the valuable role that therapy can play in your marriage. A normal session at the clinic lasts for 50 minutes and a few months or even just weeks of this can make a huge difference. But for many couples, 50 minutes is just enough time to unearth the problems that lurk beneath without bringing the session full circle to deeper resolution and healing. Resolution can be achieved with several back-to-back weeks of 50 minute sessions, but the intervening days can be frustrating and discouraging.

Taking the time to set aside an entire weekend alone with your own therapist, uninhibited by the time constraints of the office, can be a life-changing way to accomplish months of therapeutic change all at once. Getting away for an all-inclusive weekend retreat with a private therapist can be a powerful investment in your marriage or partnership. Couple after couple has found that devoting this weekend to rest and focus on laying a new foundation for their relationship was a pivotal and life changing weekend in their journey together.

Out of town, at a private and secluded cottage over a weekend in the Ozark Mountains, a private chef will serve you the finest breakfasts, lunches, and four-course dinners of your choosing both days. Food is healing and it doesn’t get any better than this. Sleeping in until you’re ready to be served, breaking for lunch, and then finishing therapy for the day at dinner time to be served again before an evening of leisure and peace is all part of the critical rest and care that supports the work of the day.

Unless your schedule demands otherwise, you will arrive at the destination Friday evening after dinner. On Saturday and Sunday, therapy will begin after breakfast is finished, typically around 10 AM. We will break for lunch around 1 PM and work until dinner around 5 PM. Monday morning we depart by 11 AM.

The therapy work itself is modified in real time based on you and your needs. Typically this is a combination of couple’s sessions and individual sessions designed to help you disrupt your patterns of hurt and misunderstanding. All of this allows for couples to break through to a secure and understanding connection that doesn’t leave anyone’s experience or sense of self behind.

The last therapeutic hours of the weekend are aimed at reinforcing this new way of connecting so that you know how to find it again when you get home, even when the gravitational force of the old way threatens to draw you in. The weekend will be followed by traditional sessions at the office as you continue to expand on your new-found freedoms and intimacy.

The price of this weekend retreat is $6,500 to $7,000 depending on the time of year and venue availability. This is no small commitment, but it can be a powerful investment in your marriage and the future of your family.

To inquire about a therapeutic retreat with Allan, you can email or call the clinic at 501-551-5065.