Allan Stanford offers private therapeutic retreats for issues including:

  • Relationship Repair and Growth
  • Affair Recovery
  • Major Communication Barriers

Experience the power of escape

Couple after couple has found that devoting a weekend to relax and focus on laying a new foundation for their relationship has been a powerful source of healing and a pivotal weekend in their journey together.

Out-of-town therapeutic retreats are conducted at a private and secluded cottage or cabin and are available over the weekend for $2,500 – $3,000 in the Ozark Mountains. If you would like to seize this opportunity to go further, any destination in the world is possible and a unique package can be arranged for you. Time between and after sessions can be spent hiking, canoeing, fishing, sleeping, exploring local attractions, or just reading on the porch. Here is a typical itinerary:


  • Arrive Friday night after anytime after 6 pm (you’re on your own for that meal).
  • Your accommodations will be waiting for you and you may begin breathing and taking in the fact that you have no further obligations for the next few days.


  • Sleep as long as you like Saturday morning; 8, 10, 11 am – doesn’t matter. We’ll be waiting and ready, sipping coffee and planning for the day. Whenever you get up, we’ll adjust the day from there and work it all out for you.
  • Whenever you decide to come downstairs, you’ll do so to an amazing breakfast.
  • After breakfast we will have a session as a couple in the beautiful setting of our selected site.
  • Depending on how that goes, we will likely break up and send one of you off on a hike while we do an individual session and then trade off.
  • A gourmet lunch will be served, followed by a break for a couple of hours. You can explore the local attractions and/or nap.
  • After respite, we will have a late afternoon session.
  • Following the afternoon sessions you will be served a steak dinner you will tell your grandchildren about in story and song.
  • No more therapy after dinner; relax, breathe, talk or don’t, and go to bed when that seems right.


  • Again, sleep as long as you like. This is a zero pressure – zero expectation – situation.
  • Same as Saturday, spectacular breakfast followed by breathing time and therapy. How therapy goes depends a lot on how we finished the day before.
  • A worthy lunch will be served after individual and couple’s sessions.
  • Again like the day before, there will be resting/adventuring time followed by afternoon therapy – building on the understanding and progress made Saturday.
  • Therapy will be carefully brought to a close before dinner, after which you may take time alone – individually or as a couple – and slow down for the evening (whatever that looks like for you).
  • Bedtime is whenever it feels right.


  • Pack up and depart by 10 am.