Allan Stanford offers private therapeutic retreats for couples addressing:

  • Relationship Repair and Growth
  • Affair Recovery
  • Major Communication Barriers

Experience the power of escape

Getting away for an all-inclusive weekend retreat with a private therapist can be a powerful investment in your marriage or partnership. Couple after couple has found that devoting this weekend to relax and focus on laying a new foundation for their relationship was an important source of healing and a pivotal weekend in their journey together.

Out-of-town therapeutic retreats are conducted at a private and secluded cottage or cabin and are available over the weekend for $3,000 – $4,000 in the Ozark Mountains. Time between and after sessions can be spent hiking, canoeing, fishing, sleeping, exploring local attractions, or just reading on the porch.

If you would like to seize this opportunity to go even further, any destination in the world is possible and a unique package can be arranged for you; imagine a trip to Europe or the Caribbean that actually changes your marriage, instead of just distracting you from its problems for a week.

Here is a typical itinerary for an Ozark retreat:


  • Arrive Friday night after anytime after 6 pm (you’re on your own for that meal).
  • Your accommodations will be waiting for you and you may begin breathing and taking in the fact that you have no further obligations for the next few days.


  • Sleep as long as you like Saturday morning; 8, 10, 11 am – doesn’t matter. We’ll be waiting and ready, sipping coffee and planning for the day. Whenever you get up, we’ll adjust the day from there and work it all out for you.
  • Whenever you decide to come downstairs, you’ll do so to an amazing breakfast.
  • After breakfast we will have a session as a couple in the beautiful setting of our selected site.
  • Depending on how that goes, we will likely break up and send one of you off on a hike while we do an individual session and then trade off.
  • A gourmet lunch will be served, followed by a break for a couple of hours. You can explore the local attractions and/or nap.
  • After respite, we will have a late afternoon session.
  • Following the afternoon sessions you will be served a steak dinner you will tell your grandchildren about in story and song.
  • No more therapy after dinner; relax, breathe, talk or don’t, and go to bed when that seems right.


  • Again, sleep as long as you like. This is a zero pressure – zero expectation – situation.
  • Same as Saturday, spectacular breakfast followed by breathing time and therapy. How therapy goes depends a lot on how we finished the day before.
  • A worthy lunch will be served after individual and couple’s sessions.
  • Again like the day before, there will be resting/adventuring time followed by afternoon therapy – building on the understanding and progress made Saturday.
  • Therapy will be carefully brought to a close before dinner, after which you may take time alone – individually or as a couple – and slow down for the evening (whatever that looks like for you).
  • Bedtime is whenever it feels right.


  • Pack up and depart by 10 am.