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Little Rock Counseling & Wellness

Little Rock Counseling & Wellness is a growing group of healing professionals who are passionate about providing quality specialized counseling and wellness services to the communities of central Arkansas.

We currently provide individual, couples, and family therapy services, specializing in trauma, anxiety, depression, sexual addiction, and more.

Our wellness services include specialized massage therapy and yoga.



At Little Rock Counseling & Wellness, we believe that specialized training is essential, especially in the treatment of trauma and PTSD. Our highly focused and specialized trauma team is here for you.

Affair Recovery

Partner betrayal is painful and confusing. We want to help you navigate this crisis to gain clarity and begin to reclaim trust as you build a stronger and more secure relationship.

Sexual Addiction

Sex addiction treatment is complex and uniquely tailored to each individual. Our uniquely specialized CSAT team will partner with you in your quest for freedom and healing.

Mind-Body Work

Healing involves the whole self. Our wellness offerings leverage somatic experiencing, massage, and yoga to lead you in healing from head to toe.


Chronic anxiety can be oppressive. It robs us of the richness of life and holds us back from engaging everyday life with freedom and security. We want to help you address the core root of your anxiety to find lasting healing beyond numbing out.


At Little Rock Counseling & Wellness we understand pain and despair. We can help you understand and address the cause of your depression and begin to reclaim a life of curiosity and joy.

Our Story

Allan and Whitney met in 2016 when Whitney was serving as a clinical director and Allan was seeking out an internship while working on his masters degree at John Brown University.

It quickly became clear that they shared a common goal of opening a new clinic. While each had different visions for their individual careers, Whitney & Allan found that they shared a very similar vision of a counseling clinic that would allow therapists the freedom to grow as individuals & clinicians in an environment that not only created space for this growth but encouraged it in every way possible. Later that year, while grilling burgers in Allan’s backyard, the early plans of what would eventually become Little Rock Counseling & Wellness began to take form.

The idea became a reality when Little Rock Counseling opened its doors on March 1st of 2017.

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Little Rock Counseling & Wellness intentionally invests in highly skilled professionals in several specialized disciplines. Each team member is committed to the highest quality of care in their field and have invested heavily in the development of their own individual abilities as well as in the advancement of their specific fields of study and practice.