Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the cornerstone of the healing wellness services offered here at Little Rock Counseling & Wellness. We’re so excited to have Jenna Davis on our team. Jenna offers a variety of specialty massage services. You can schedule with her by clicking below.

Jenna Davis, LMT, CCT

Jenna Davis was born and raised in Arkansas and has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2002. She got her first exposure to holistic health while working as a Chiropractic Assistant in 1997.

She has developed skills that include a wide variety of treatment modalities such as Reiki, Myofascial Release, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Indian Foot Massage.

Jenna strives to create a relaxation experience that places her clients into a naturally altered state so that the deepest releases can be achieved.