Growing up, we are often corrected through a tap on our hand to ward off danger or a swat from a caregiver’s hand to correct our attitude. Some of those hands were soft, but others too firm or even abusive. Many times, those who are supposed to nurture and love us do not and instead use their hands to harm. Not all of the hands that touch us are physical hands. Some hands fall in the form of illness, accident, or trauma. Hands can also be offered to us in the form of healing. What if that hand could help you mend, light as a feather, through healing touch therapy? What if you could heal the trauma you received from a caregiver, family member, medical condition, spouse or acquaintance?

Let me
be as a feather
Strong, with purpose,
Yet light at heart
Able to bend,
And tho I might
Become frayed,
Able to pull myself
Together again

– Anita Sams

What is healing touch therapy? It is an energy-based healing method that works with your natural energy field to help restore your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This light as a feather touch allows your body to relax and promote healing. It reduces stress, decreases pain, calms anxiety, and helps with depression. This calm, hour-long service allows your mind, body, and soul to relax and become whole again. Book your next session and experience healing touch therapy for yourself.