About Us

Whitney & Allan met in 2016 when Whitney was serving as a Clinical Director at Chenal Family Therapy & Allan was seeking out an internship while working on his masters degree at John Brown University. One day while casually chatting about the future, both inadvertently learned that the other had hopes to open their own clinic. While each had different visions for their individual careers, Whitney & Allan found they shared a very similar vision of a counseling clinic that would allow therapists the freedom to grow as individuals & clinicians in an environment that not only created space for this growth but encouraged it in every way possible. Later that year, while grilling burgers in Allan’s backyard, the early plans of what would eventually become Little Rock Counseling began to form. The idea became a reality in early 2017 and Little Rock Counseling opened its doors on March 1, 2017.

The next two years included some highs and lows that neither anticipated. These lows included everything from the building being flooded two months after opening the clinic & a car driving through Allan’s office exactly a year to the day later to learning that accounting should be left to accountants. While the lows were even comically bad at times, the subsequent highs were perhaps the bigger, much more pleasant, surprise. It turned out that despite the steep learning curve of new small business ownership, the idyllic vision for the clinic Whitney & Allan had first spoken of back in 2016 seemed to not only be possible but on a larger scale than either anticipated.

Over time, Whitney & Allan saw how their vision of a therapist-centered counseling clinic could not only work but also parallel a sustainable business model. By early 2019, their discussions about the future of Little Rock Counseling grew increasingly bold. This is where Bonnie came into the picture. Whitney & Bonnie had met back in 2010 while Whitney was a graduate intern at an inpatient treatment center & had kept in touch after both accepting new jobs about a year and a half later. Then in June of 2015, Bonnie started teaching in John Brown University’s Graduate Counseling program where she soon met Allan. Up to this point both Allan & Whitney held Bonnie in very high regard and regularly sought her counsel in regards to Little Rock Counseling & their clinical work.

It quickly became clear that this broader vision just wasn’t complete until it included Bonnie. She joined as a partner in May of 2020 just as Little Rock Counseling became Little Rock Counseling & Wellness. This expansion was born of a vision for the clinic that included more holistic healing services, including yoga and massage, with an office space five times the size of the original clinic to enable the addition of like-minded therapists & other healing services in the future. Together, Whitney, Allan, & Bonnie are committed to this vision and mission that will continue to guide the hopeful legacy of Little Rock Counseling & Wellness.